International Conference on Transnational Academic Spaces


International Conference at Bielefeld University, Germany
Transnational Academic Spaces

Date: 27 March 2015
Deadline: January 09, 2015
Open to: international applicants

Organizers: Başak Bilecen and Christof Van Mol
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Russell King, University of Sussex

Since several years, the nexus of education has been on the research agenda, with a particular emphasis on international mobility of students and faculty members. In addition to the internationalization of higher education systems, we also talk about their transnationalization today, referring to intensified and regular cross border ties of social actors as well as higher education institutions. With the rise of the so-called „knowledge economy‟ and the related global competition for talent, student and academic mobility has increasingly caught the attention of researchers, policy makers, higher education institutions and other stakeholders. The terrain of academia has been reshaped not only by student and staff exchanges but also through changes of knowledge practices and the repositioning of the higher education institutions within neoliberal economies. Nevertheless, further theoretical and empirical elaboration on these processes is much needed.

At this one-day conference in Bielefeld, we focus both on international student and academic mobility around the world. Theoretical and empirical contributions adopting a transnational focus are welcomed, especially when they take into account opportunity structures of host, home and third countries and explore the relationships between them. Instead of focusing solely on mobile individuals, we also welcome contributions that situate non-mobile students and faculty members who are also an integral part of transnational academic spaces.

Abstracts may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
 How is academic mobility experienced by different institutions and actors?
 What kind of infrastructures underpin, determine, sustain or hinder international
educational mobility?
 How do students and academics cope with inequalities at home and host institutions or
 What are the processes enabling and restricting academic mobility?


We welcome abstracts of no more than 500 words including your name, title, email and institutional affiliation by January 09, 2015. All files must be submitted in pdf format to Başak Bilecen and Christof Van Mol with the subject line “Transnational Academic Spaces”. A selection of presented papers will be considered for inclusion for publication. The conference is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs of presenters will be partly covered. Please indicate your interest for travel and accommodation grants when submitting your abstracts.


(Natasha Aleksoska)

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