The Swedish Institute Master Scholarships for the Western Balkans

fb-logoThe Swedish Institute Scholarships for the Western Balkans aim at supporting advanced level studies and research within the selected fields in order to contribute to closer relations between the Western Balkans and the European Union. The scholarships are intended for full-time master’s level studies in Sweden and cover both living costs and tuition fees. The scholarship is only awarded for programmes starting in the autumn semester (August/September) and is granted for one academic year. It will be extended for programmes longer than two semesters provided that the student’s study results are satisfactory. Only programmes within the areas of social science and environmental science are eligible.


The programme is open to candidates from Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.


  • the tuition fee paid directly to the Swedish university/university college by the Swedish Institute;
  • living expenses to the amount of SEK 9,000 (EUR 970) per month;
  • a travel grant – a one-time payment of SEK 5,000 (EUR 540);
  • insurance by the Swedish State Group Insurance against illness and accident during the scholarship period.


Please note that the scholarship application is separate from the application to the master’s programmes at Swedish universities. 

1. Apply to Master’s programme Application deadline is 15 January 2015.
2. Pay your application fee (SEK 900) to University Admissions. Fee deadline is 2 February 2015.
3. Apply for scholarship: Once you have submitted your application to the master’s programme/s it will be assigned a personal Application number consisting of six digits. You must use this Application number when applying for a Swedish Institute scholarship. Submit a Motivation letter and Europass CV with your scholarship application. Scholarship application period is 2-13 February 2015. 

For further information:

(Natasha Aleksoska)

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